Take a Breather poster

Fiona Maria Williams

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A soothing pink Poster - calledTake a Breather - 18X22 inches -  - Fiona Maria Williams fionamaria.ca

"Take a Breather" 

Designed with a calming colour tone and a friendly background, this poster’s message simply reminds children to breathe. The art of deep breathing is at the core of every relaxation technique and is also provides many physical benefits, and with this poster you are introducing children to this powerful coping mechanism. Inviting children to move through ego upsets in a safe manner, like taking time to breathe, allows them to get to a better feeling space in their minds quicker without feeling insecure about having such feelings. Taking a breather also encourages children to simply calm down if they are overstimulated or even when they are feeling overwhelmed.

This poster is 12″ x 18″ in size.

Saying by Fiona Williams

Designed by Sweet Clover Studios

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