"Switch It Up" poster

Fiona Maria Williams

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A beautiful blue Poster - called Switch It Up  - 18X22 inches - Fiona Maria Williams fionamaria.ca

“Use this moment to turn it around. Flip that fear upside down. Now it is clear, what do you see? A chance to think positively!”

With a refreshing colour and a lively watercolour background, this refreshing poster invites children to change their minds from the negative to the positive! Welcoming a new point-of-view and an opportunity to choose again, children are taught that they do not have to stay stuck in fear-based thinking and that they have the ability to choose a more loving perspective. This poster is ideal for empowering children as it teaches them that they have free will to choose their thoughts and attitude, and also gently reminds them that they are responsible for their thoughts.

This poster is 12″ x 18″ in size.

Saying Written by Fiona Williams

Designed by Sweet Clover Studios

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