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Teaching Children how their minds and thoughts work is vital to helping them develop their confidence and strengthen their compassion, so they are free to create and be their loving selves! I am super passionate about the mind and I believe  that we all, including children,  deserve to know how our minds work, and this is why I created, My Mind Book. As written in the Dedication; 'This book is dedicated to all the children in the world. From every race, and every faith or from no faith, this is for you. You are all equal. May you learn and understand how your minds work so you can achieve all your goals, happily learn from the lessons presented to you, and enjoy your life. May you also know how welcome you are in this world. Remember this always: 'You are wholly loving and wholly lovable.' - A Course in Miracles

-Fiona Maria Williams


                              Cheerful Charlie from My Mind Book